International transport cars and vans

Fitter-Glob company specializes in transporting vehicles in Europe. We have a modern and reliable fleet of car transporters operated by experienced drivers. We cooperate both with large corporations, used car dealer, as well as individual clients.

We meet even the most unusual order. We will plan an effective logistics solution.
The service carry passenger cars with hatchback body, lift-back, coupe, sedan, wagon, pick-up, convertible, minivan, sport utility vehicles and small farm, a small trailer. We also transport vans and all sorts of buses and minibuses.

Depending on the size of vehicles we are able to safely transport the 8 to 10 passenger cars and about 2 to 4 buses or vans. All these parameters are dependent on the dimensions of vehicles transported.
We employ only qualified drivers with years of experience in road transport. Our headquarters is in constant contact with the drivers, and all our vehicles are under the supervision of a GPS system, cargo is covered by insurance: OC road transport operator in international traffic-transportation vehicles.

Contact for transportation:

Konrad Bytniewski
Tel. +48 511 621 329